Rylan [3 months]

I'll always be the first to tell you, 3 month photos are hard...for everyone involved. Babies are discovering their ability to stretch, flail and look at whatever they want. They're building those muscles so that in no time at all, they're sitting up on their own, crawling and walking.  Two, three and four months of age is like the year 19 and 20 for most adults -- it's just a measly milestone closer to the real 'prize' milestone. :P 

With that said, Rylan was a rockstar. He even slept for a few shots towards the end (that had never happened before him) I loved it. :) From his silly faces to his sleepy snuggles, he was a joy to work with. I can't even get over all the cute babies I've gotten to snuggle these last few weeks. I've been in baby heaven! I mean, look at that smile!! :))