4th of July

I have attended the same 4th of July party, every year, since I was a child. It's always been a highlight of my year. My aunt and uncle that host, have a lakefront home within walking distance of the local amusement park. I've thoroughly enjoyed sharing this with my niece, nephew and my son so that they are able to have those memories as well.

Independence Day morning, after breakfast, the girls paint their nails in festive red, white and blue hues while the guys play video games.

After lunch, we start packing everything up to leave and head to my uncles home on the lake. 

Upon arriving, everything is unloaded and Elliott begins preparing his 'famous' meatballs which he lets cook in the slow cooker until dinner (supper). Then everyone heads to the amusement park for go carts and temporary tattoos. (I do not take my camera to the amusement park).

Swimming is usually to follow before some downtime and dinner. After dinner is the pinata and sparklers, and eventually, fireworks. Beautiful. :)