Holden Family

If I had to describe the Holden family in one word, hands down, I would say, "classy". Upon arriving at the agreed location, local authorities had taped off an area that had been the scene of an out of control vehicle from hours before. As I waited for the family, several newer vehicles paraded into the parking lot and several men in suits exited. My first thought: FBI. Haha! After the ladies started to step out and I realized it was the family I was waiting for, I concluded that fasting from crime shows for awhile might not be a bad idea. ;)

I was beyond impressed with how well these photos went. For that many young kids, I felt everything ran exceptionally well. It definitely helps when parents are willing to goof off a little with their kids -- and, in the end, those tend to be some of the sweetest keepsake photos. 

I had so much fun (if you can't tell). Thank you so much for the contact, Kelly!