Smith Wedding

Learning how couples meet has always been one of my favorite parts of wedding photography. Everyone's story is different and yet, considering how I meet them, they all lead up to a similar result -- wedding vows. Pledging their heart and souls to one another until "death do us part".

These days, the internet plays such a huge part in relationships. I have several friends who have met their significant others on dating sites, I'm always embarrassed to admit I met mine on MySpace (I bet most kids don't even know what that is anymore - haha!), but this was the first Craigslist couple that I'd met and was very intrigued to learn how they managed to do that. No, not a personal ad -- but through a completely unrelated friend's ad, looking for a singer for an all girls band. A mutual love of music (and, I'm guessing, super heroes? :P ) and the rest is history. To be completely honest, some days I think everyone would be better off if our best friends picked our dates for us. lol! Just sayin... ;)

My favorite weddings are the ones where a complete stranger can see the 'spark' between them - there's just something that screams "we were made for each other".  This was definitely one of those. So fun. And I wholeheartedly wish Cody and Traci the best in their future together. Thank you for having me be a part of your day. I can't wait to get the rest of the photos to you. <3